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Louise Worgan

Louise Worgan - Project Development & Training Manager

Jo Sutherst

Jo Suthe
rst - Lead Trainer/Mentor     

Sarah Moran - Trainer  

Karen Waters - Lead Co-Trainer

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At the heart of all the work we do, Building Circles works to transform the lives of people with learning disabilities, ensuring that everyone can feel safe and confident in their friendships, relationships, and in social environments. We are passionate about ensuring that everyone we work with has the knowledge and education they need to be safe wherever they go.

Some years ago we were commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council to write and deliver Sexual Abuse Prevention Training to adults with a learning disability across the county and we have been working hard since then to continue to deliver effective and empowering training all designed to ensure that people are safe within their community. Since we first began, we have worked with people with learning disabilities as well as their carers and families and professionals to offer a wide range of abuse prevention and educational training.

One of the many unique aspects about the training is that it is peer led, meaning we employ adults with learning disabilities to help us deliver the training. Some of our co-trainers are experts by experience which offers a unique perspective to the training and we are very proud to be able to offer valuable, paid work experience to our co-trainers .

We currently offer training in the following areas: 

Sexual Abuse Prevention Training - This training is designed to empower people to make good decisions about their bodies and relationships. At the end of each training session, individuals should be able to identify which areas of their bodies are private, understand the difference between a good and a bad touch, know what is acceptable in a relationship, understand the law and what to do if something happens to them that they do not like. Every training session is completely bespoke and is modified to meet the needs of the individual(s) being trained. Training can be delivered to small groups or on a one to one basis and at a level to suit the individual(s) being trained.

Basic Sex Education Training - Developed as a result of demand for this training, we are proud to be able to offer basic sex education to individuals or groups of individuals with learning disabilities. This course is designed both for people who may have missed out on or not fully understood basic sex education at school as well as those wanting more information before they embark on a relationship or before they have the sexual abuse prevention training with Building Circles. The session is designed to educate in a light- hearted manner and covers all aspects of basic sex education from the mechanics of sex to puberty and how the body changes to contraception, sexual orientation and healthy relationships. Again, each session is bespoke and can be differentiated to meet the needs of the individuals being trained.

Healthy Relationship Training - What is a relationship? What is the difference between a friendship and a relationship? What is acceptable in a relationship? All of these areas are covered in this short training package which is designed for people who may struggle with understanding exactly what it means to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or struggle with boundaries and personal space. We teach people what a healthy relationship should look like and what to do if things go wrong in a relationship as well as discussing what is and what is not acceptable in a friendship and a relationship. Every package is bespoke and can be designed to cover any particular issues an individual or group may have.

Public/Private Training - This training teaches individuals the difference between private and public areas and what behaviour is acceptable in each of these areas. The training was designed mainly to tackle individual behaviours in public areas and is a fun and interactive course which enables individuals to discover what they can and cannot do in different places.

Men's Health Training - It is so important that we look after our health and know how our bodies work. In this training package we are able to give more in depth training on all aspects of men's health, including topics such as wet dreams, puberty and the extremely important topic of checking your testicles.

Women's Health Training - just as with the men's health training, we are able to delve more deeply into subject areas like puberty, periods, changes to your body, the importance of cervical screening and what happens when you go for a smear test and we also teach also how to check your breasts for changes as well as breast screening.

Menopause - This is such an important topic as we explain the changes in our bodies as we grow older and enter the menopause. This helps give people an understanding of why they may be feeling a certain way and what help there is available to them.

Financial Abuse Prevention Training - We were asked to develop this training to cover the serious and increasing issue of financial abuse among adults with learning disabilities. In the training, we teach people how to look after their money, be that in their home or when out and about. We also tackle the issue of financial abuse and what this may look like and what we can do to prevent it happening to us as well as tackling the more difficult subject of "mate crime" and what they can do to stop this happening and where to go for help if it does happen. Each session is bespoke and uses case studies and role play to teach individuals how to recognise abuse and what could have been done to prevent it. We also cover areas such as keeping your bank card and PIN number safe for those who use them. Each session is completely bespoke and can be delivered to tackle any specific problems someone may have encountered and show then what to do to prevent this happening again. We use fun and interactive examples to make people think about what is safe and what is not as well as how they would do tackle a situation.

Internet Safety Training - Designed for individuals who use the internet or a mobile phone, this training teaches people how to navigate the internet successfully and safely. Individuals will learn how to recognise if a website is safe and secure to use, how to make safe payments online and what information is ok to share online and what is not. We teach them what personal data is and how it can be used online. We cover the tricky subject of "sexting" and sharing information online or via text and what the consequences of this may be. Each training package can incorporate any specific issues a person may be having online.

Hate Crime/ Racism/ Discrimination Prevention Training - This training package is designed to help individuals identify what a hate crime is as well as ensuring that people do not become either the victim of or the perpetrator of hate crime. We cover diversity and why we should celebrate our differences rather than discriminate. Every training session is bespoke.

Self-Advocacy Training - Would you like to be able to make your opinions count? Are you fed up with not getting your voice heard? Often we feel that decisions are being made for us by staff, parents or medical professionals and those decisions may not be what we want for our future. It is so important that adults with learning disabilities can make themselves heard and be able and confident to speak up for themselves. Our self-advocacy training explains why it is important to speak up for ourselves and how this could help change our future. We teach people why they should self-advocate, where they can self-advocate, what they should do to make sure their opinion is heard and where they could go wrong and what to do if this does happen as well as ensuring that they know who they could turn to for help if necessary. Each training session is bespoke and involves some roleplay activities to clarify what has been learned in the session. The individual should feel confident at the end of the session to stand up for themselves and make their voice heard.

Post Covid / Mental Health

A lovely new wellbeing training session designed to look at how we may have felt during lockdown, how others may have felt and how we are feeling as we emerge from the pandemic. We offer wellbeing tips and exercises designed to manage the stress and anxiety we may be feeling.

Drug/Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Designed to explain exactly what drug and alcohol abuse is and how we can prevent it and what to do if we need help with this.

Healthy Living

A fun, interactive session aimed at helping people to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Differentiated training covering the prevention of extremism, radicalisation and terrorism. We explain what these things are, how people can become radicalised, what we can do and where we can go for help.

Check out our training leaflet here

Care Staff Training - Did you know that Building Circles can offer staff training sessions to cover any of the areas listed above? We work with staff to discuss with them how they can deliver the best possible safeguarding experience for the people they work with. We have staff training available in the following areas:

Abuse Prevention Staff Training - how to help the people we work with and how to prevent them from being the victims of abuse

Abuse Awareness/ Safeguarding Staff Training - covering all areas of abuse, how to recognise the signs of abuse, how we can help to prevent abuse and what to do if we suspect that abuse is taking place.

How to have those difficult conversations - how can we as staff members discuss difficult subjects with the people we work with? We work with groups of staff to discuss the difficulties they feel they would/do have in discussing tricky subjects such as abuse with the people they work with and we work with staff to try and overcome these difficulties so they can help to keep the people they work with safe

University Lectures - We are proud to have worked with the University of Gloucestershire to deliver lectures to their social work students on working with adults with learning disabilities and the importance of understanding & recognising abuse in adults with learning disabilities. We deliver 3 hour lectures on both financial abuse awareness and sexual abuse awareness and one of our co-trainers who is an expert by experience shares their story and we discuss how social workers and key workers could have handled the situation more effectively. * small charge applies

Learning Disability awareness training for staff - We have successfully been delivering staff training to other organisations as well as those who work directly caring for those with learning disabilities. We deliver awareness training to staff in organisations who may be wanting to employ people with learning disabilities or to those who may have people with LD using their facilities to share with them tips and tricks to help make everyone's experience a positive one in their workplace.

Schools Anti-Bullying Project - We have recently been awarded further part funding to run our Anti-Hate Crime work in schools, where we have taken a group of people with learning disabilities into local secondary schools to talk about their experiences of being bullied by school children outside in their local communities and on public transport. The experiences ranged from being called names on a local bus to being beaten black and blue by a large group of school children and having the experience filmed and posted onto a social media site. Again this work gives employment to people with learning disabilities but ultimately is to encourage community inclusion and to keep vulnerable people safe from harm.

The majority of our training packages can be offered free if you or the person you wish to refer lives in Gloucestershire.

If you or your organisation would like further information on any of our training packages, please contact or call 01453 568155

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