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Project Work

At Building Circles

Hobby and Skills Workshops

Offering new skills and friendship through interactive, fun workshops

We also offer hobby and skills workshops open to anyone with a learning disability not just our referred focus people. Over the last couple of months a group of focus people have attended cake making workshops: which culimated in a coffee morning open to the general public. A make and bake workshop where they produced a 3 course meal for a family member or friend and a Decorate to Celebrate workshop where they have all made some amazing decorations for the Building Circles Xmas Party, these include wooden reindeer, 2 x wooden Xmas Trees, Clay tea light, holders and clay Xmas tree decorations, snowball piƱata tablecloths and placements.

The hobby workshops have now been running for over a year and have proved to be very popular. Not only have they helped with community inclusion in the Quedgeley area, they have given our focus people new found skills and friends within the group.

There is a small charge for these workshops to cover the tutor, materials and hall hire. If you would like to get involved then please contact us.

Allotment - Care to Grow Project

We recently acquired an allotment for our focus people and the local community to work on together in Quedgeley. All workshops and projects require our dedicated staff and volunteers to keep them going and tackle social isolation and provide friendship, as well as focusing strongly on community inclusion. Many other outside opportunities have been closed by the County Council and there is a real need to get people in the fresh air working together on community projects. The ultimate aim of this project is to grow produce for vegetable boxes which can be given to people in the community who are in need. If you would like to get involved in our allotment project then please contact us. We are looking for focus people and volunteers to help out.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Courses

Building Circles were recently commissioned to run Sexual Abuse Prevention courses to service users across the County which is essential work to keep people with learning disabilities safe from harm and to teach them about good and bad touch and why it is ok to say "no". This work is delivered by co-trainers who have learning disabilities. If you would like this course delivered in a residential home then please contact us.

Anti Hate Crime/Bullying project

We have recently been awarded further part funding to run our Anti Hate Crime work in schools, where we have taken a group of people with learning disabilities into local secondary schools to talk about their experiences of being bullied by school children outside in their local communities and on public transport. The experiences ranged from being called names on a local bus to being beaten black and blue by a large group of school children and having the experience filmed and posted onto a social media site. Again this work gives employment to people with learning disabilities but ultimately is to encourage community inclusion and to keep vulnerable people safe from harm.

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